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1947 - the year India declared its Independence, allowing the nation to freely share its rich culture of spices and culinary cooking styles with the rest of the world! While each Indian was affected by this historical moment in 1947, we all have a different resemblance or memories tied to it. To some, it resembles the struggles Indians endured. To some, the hope of a new beginning for a young nation. To others, a floodgate of opportunities opened.

We are proud to present the greater Indianapolis community with 1947 - a Food and beverages restaurants Indianapolis offering fusion Eatery & Lounge, which celebrates all those mixed emotions, cultures, and traditions. We promise to deliver a culinary experience like no other in the city! Authentic flavors, fusion recipes, and a memorable environment is our promise!

1947 is owned and operated by Indianapolis metropolitan long time residents who all have strong roots in various regions of India, each bringing a piece from their region to create the perfect fusion of modern and authentic Indian recipes and we are known for the Best Indian food in Indianapolis.


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Our Chef Team

Chef. Raphael Moss

Executive Head Chef

Chef. Martha Martin

Executive Head Chef

Chef. Raphael Moss

Executive Head Chef

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Sunday to Thursday Lunch: 11AM to 3PM
Dinner: 5PM to 10PM
Friday to Saturday
Lunch: 11AM to 3PM
Dinner: 5PM to 11PM
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